10 Sets 1 Pin AMP 1.5 Connectors,DJ7011-1.5 Waterproof Electrical Wire Connector Plug, Xenon lamp connector Automobile Connector

Price: US $3.48

Item Specifics

Model Number:
Automotive, Lighting
Male and female

Product Description

Item Description:
Car Part 1 Pin Way Sealed Waterproof Electrical Wire Auto Connector Plug Set
100% Brand New!!!

Sheath material:PA66 Black

The attachment material:Reinforced nylon Red


Fits for motorcyle,scooter,car,truck,quad bike,trike,caravan,marine,jet ski,boats,etc.

Package includes: 10 sets Waterproof wire connector plugs
Each set includes:                   
1 way male connector plug
1 way female connector plug
*  Silicon rubber conector seal
*  Silicon rubber cable seals
*  Male terminals
*  Female terminals
*  Attachment
 1.5-1P 1_1.5-1P 3_1.5-1P 4_1.5-1P 5_1.5-1P 6_

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Review by: Peter F.
I frequently buy stuff via the internet and always try to be careful with my choice. Sometimes you happen to acquire a thing that turns out to be of worse quality than you expected. So I thought I could make a review here.

If you ask me the merchandise was a fine bargain. Recently I’ve been looking for a model like this but I couldn’t find anything worth my attention. I was always discouraged either by the price or the eye appeal of the stuff. When I saw this item, I decided it was worth the risk and I got what I wanted.

Come to think of it I was certain the stuff would be off-grade or would damage during transit. But it was good to find out that nothing was broken and it corresponds to the description at the web store. Come to think of it at first I didn’t expect much but then I discovered that I got lucky to buy this one.

In the first place, I should mention the amazing quality of the materials. For this sort of stuff, the quality is one of the most important things. As for this model, I think, it is worth the its cost. As compared to other sellers, this one offered a reasonable price for the quality of the product.

I’ve been using the merchandise for several weeks by now and up until now I’ve had no complaints. I never thought I’d be so lucky to get something that good!
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I adore the item. Often I don’t really expect to find something worthy at web stores but this time I had luck to buy something worthy and for good money.

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