2016 Newest QLS QA360 / QA360 MOD Portable High Resolution Lossless HiFi DSD Music Player Digital 24Bit/192 kHz MP3 Music Player

Color: Black Blue Silver
List price: US $450.00
Price: US $450.00

Item Specifics

Brand Name:
Battery Life:
10 - 20 hours
Supports Recording Function:
Audio Format Support:
Supports FM:
Model Number:
Screen Size:
2.4 inches
Supports EBook Reading:
Pure Audio MP3
Battery Specification:
Lithium Battery
Storage Type:
Flash Memory
Operation Mode:
Touch Tone
Have Speakers or not:
Signal Noise Ratio:
Memory Size:
16GB+Support 128GB TF card

Product Description

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2016 Newest QLS QA360 / QA360 MOD Portable High Resolution Lossless HiFi DSD Music Player Digital 24Bit/192 kHz MP3 Music Player





24bit/192KHz wav and DSD Support
QA360 supports Studio Master wav files in 24bit/192KHz and DSD64/1bit/Stereo. DSD files can be streamed out of the digital output in DoP format, and hardware converted to analog singles directly through the internal DAC as well.


Black color is QA360 black+Remote control*1 Extended line*1

Silver color is QA360 withe+Remote control*1 Extended line*1

Blue color is QA360 MOD black+Remote control*1 Extended line*1

Product accessory:
Charger *1
Data line *1
Memory card *1

Leather Case *1

Remote control*1

Extended line*1






                         [QA360 MOD]                                   








  • With digital coaxial and digital optical output can be used independently as a digital turntable.
  • CPI comes with a large thrust headphone amplifier can be directly promote and push a good majority of HiFi headphones.
  • Menu selectable digital filter (filter out noise well above the audio frequency band) slow down and roll-off, available in two styles sound output.
  • (Descent sounds more natural, more mellow vocals prominent; higher roll-off test parameters, better sound levels, fresher)
  • Menu Optional DSD signal is digitally filter, available in two styles DSD sound output.
  • (Without the advantages of the digital filter more SACD sound obvious delicate than traditional CD, a better sense of music, but through a digital filter for better
  • Support DSD64,1bit DSD files DIFF and DSF direct play, direct play SACD ISO image files directly hardware decoding.
  • Supports WAV, FLAC and other lossless formats and MP3 mainstream lossy compression format.
  • Support 24Bit / 192KHz high-bit-rate digital audio format WAV and studio mastering WAV file playback.
  • Supports WAV / FLAC files associated with the CUE play, CUE supports ANSI, UNICODE, UTF-8 encoding.
  • Supports SD / SDHC / SDXC, maximum support 128GB SDXC card (future software upgrade can support larger capacity SD card).
  • OSD support for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English.
  • Can be achieved through optional external expansion function infrared remote control, and perhaps launch next-wire or high frequency wireless remote control for purchase.


  • Sampling rate:                  44.1Khz, 48Khz, 88.2Khz, 96Khz, 176.4Khz, 192Khz, DSD 1bit 64FS.
  • Audio formats supported: WAV (up to 24Bit / 192KHz), FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, DIFF, DSF, MP3, SACD ISO.
  • Digital Output:                   Coaxial * 1 (coaxial output for 3.5, need 3.5 to RCA coaxial); fiber * 1 (fiber-hole output).
  • The digital output format: PCM / Dolby Digital / DTS / DSD (DoP v1.0).
  • Analog Output:                 Line Out 3.5 output port * 1.
  • Amp output:                     3.5 output port * 1.
  • Remote Input:                   Line through optional remote control receiver and remote control infrared remote control function to achieve (the remote control and QA660, QA860 Universal)


Analog output parameters:

  • Frequency Response: 0-20Khz
  • SNR: 116dB
  • Dynamic Range: 116dB
  • Separation: 101dB
  • Distortion: 0.0006%
  • Headphone output matching impedance: 8 ohms -300 Europe
  • Amp maximum output power: 490mW @ 16 Europe, 245mW @ 32 Europe, 55mW @ 300 Europe
  • Battery: Lithium battery 3.7V 3000-3120mAH ultra-low internal resistance
  • External power supply or charger: DC 5V 2A (positive with respect) (can be directly used mobile phones treasure powered or rechargeable)
  • Life time: Conservative 10 hours (measured playback WAV 16bit 44.1K, the screen is automatically set to 10 seconds off, play 10-20 times in the song lit screen, Several prototypes have 11 hours, when another player DSD / SACD music consumption to increase by 30%)
  • Charging time: 4 – 5 hours
  • Host Net Size: 117mmx72mmx27mm
  • Host weight: 260g


  • Power input (DC 3.5 * 1.35) (within DC5V is outside the negative) (powered or rechargeable)
  • Digital coaxial output port (3.5 jack) (need to use 3.5 to RCA coaxial)
  • Digital optical output port (round mouth) (one shared with Line Out port)
  • Line Out analog outputs (3.5 jack) (Fibre share a mouth)
  • Amp output port (3.5 headphone port)
  • SD card connector: standard SD card interface
  • Infrared remote or otherwise control the expansion port (2.5mm jack)






QA360 is based on selling high-end player Qianlongsheng same platform QA860 portable products, its near-perfect hardware and software architecture and excellent sound quality performance called concentrated small desktop PC, is a major selling point to the quality of music playback fever device. It has the power QLS latest processing technology, superior real-time software architecture, zero Jitter clock and digital processing circuits, unique isolation filter design, from Qianlongsheng sound radical innovation to noise from absorbing circuit.

 starting from the source to ensure HiFi — using high-end desktop architecture     same digital player

    have compared the different digital players, compared the different digital interface Shaoyou should be emotionally sound digital audio output can be very different, and little more influence on the whole system is not better than decoding brings.
    QA360 Player Digital section continues to QA860, still using QLS-HiFi exclusive patented technology — threaded microcontroller pure tone player. Unique program architecture enables digital output with very low clock jitter (Jitter), while design draws QA360 QA860 QA660 and some design experience, though limited by the size and power can not achieve such a high-end desktop player QA860 level, but than many consumer programs using ARM or making the player is there to enhance the level. (As we do with the DVD digital output interface then your decoding can not compete as a CD, because the source has become the biggest bottleneck)
    QA360 can play 24Bit / 192KHz high rate of WAV digital audio stream, we know that the traditional CD-ROM only 16Bit / 44.1Khz, the amount of data 24Bit / 192KHz digital mastering of data than a traditional CD 5-8 times (a First 24Bit / 192Khz mastering songs almost the entire capacity of a CD), the digital mastering both in the sound field, density, dynamic and resolving power and so far more than conventional CD quality.


    QA360 support DIFF and DSF file (DSD64, 1bit, Stereo) direct playback and also supports direct playback SACD ISO image file, direct hardware DSD decoding output analog signal (DSD package ISO can support, but DST is ISO compression package not supported).



Clock – Digital Audio Soul, QA360 double + One unique crystal design


  Clock is blood digital circuit, digital audio, sound quality is the soul!

    QA360 the desktop HiFi top player double + One Low Jitter TCXO crystal introduced QA360 portable audio player, audio sampling rate problem perfect solution to achieve a perfect sample of each bit rate and DSD audio source.

    QA360 using 3-way Japanese custom ultra Jitter TCXO for the whole audio provide primary MCLK.

    Because of the high bit rate music, there are two octave sampling rate, namely 44.1KHZ and 48KHZ multiples, for audio protocol, it requires a master clock is different. DSD is to use 176.4Khz same master clock, but we experiment found that the same process logic control clock DSD data will affect the sound quality, in order to achieve the most perfect HIFI sound quality, we use the third satellite Low Jitter TCXO.

    Clock Low Jitter is important to ensure that the clock power supply, high-frequency response is fast enough and clean power is the basis for many products is to spend the expensive crystal, seemingly perfect design, but the clock with the host and with the same a power supply, or power is not very serious isolation and filtering pollution power to bring the number of multiple times the clock phase noise, so low Jitter only appears on the clock manufacturers specifications.


    affect the sound portable player biggest bottleneck: — electrical power to the sound of the mother


    quality of power supply has to sound decisive impact sound performance, power supply systems if they are ignored, the sound is absolutely impossible to reach the top.

    The power supply of two key elements of the most important is the amount of current and purity, sufficient current to allow the equipment to issue dynamic abundant sound, if the current shortage, the sound will be muffled sound, frequency response open, dynamic out do not come; and clean power is to reduce noise and sharp sense of hearing on.

    generally good desktop HIFI power part of the proportion of products will reach or exceed 40% of the machine, some foreign power on the desktop name part of the area occupied / cost is up to 50% -70% of the whole machine.

   Power section     QA360 proportion in two PCB board space up to 50% material cost power supply section of the proportion of all electronic materials are also over 50%.

    portable space is the biggest limitation, if we want to allow more processing section to the power supply in a limited space, then the other part is bound to need to make some give way; for example, we have had two CS4398 contrast in mono mode, have been compared with two high-end single op amp amplify both channels, contrasting collected from the DAC to the LPF and then two channel differential amp fully independent processing and amplification, but can not bring much to enhance compensate for the lack of space caused by the processing circuit to reduce power degradation of sound quality. Power became the shortest piece of wood, we have to set aside more space to the power supply section, the shortest plank lengthen this fast.

    About QA360 power section for further instructions, please visit: httppppp:? //www.qlshifi.com/bbs/dispbbs.asp Boardid = 2 & Id = 3799


The figure is a block diagram of the internal power supply QA360:


    QA360 volume control volume control using high-end desktop PC architecture perfect solution about balance and digit loss


    analog potentiometer to adjust the low-end fine enough so that highly sensitive earplugs difficult transferred to a suitable volume, about imbalance biased tone, almost become incurable.

    digital volume will be compressed to reduce the number of bits, a small volume of heavy losses signal conversion accuracy, and is beyond doubt.

    PGA2311 is a frequently occurring in tens of thousands of HiFi equipment abroad volume control chip, is a top-level volume control chip, can be programmed to control the amplitude of the analog output of the amplifier, volume control purposes, to note that it is not a traditional sense of the digital volume control, it is a completely analog potentiometer with programmed control, the control steps of 0.5dB, the control range is + 31.5Db to -95.5Db, that is the maximum you can have 255 scale, adjust indeed fine enough, what headphones can easily find the most suitable location volume. Left and right balance of +/- 0.05dB, compared to factory quality standards set for the balance 3dB +/- ALPS potentiometer can be used up tall enough to describe. Of course PGA2311 original bulk orders containing tariffs Price $ 8.00 USD (plus related peripheral more than 10 US dollars) to the less than $ 1 for each of the ALPS 09 type potentiometer on tall enough.

    QA360 use PGA2311 for volume control, and to PGA2311 pure enough to ensure sufficient supply of good sound performance.


    sound characteristics


    perfectly restore each music, Music on Hold, vivid and original musical, sounds relaxed, full of atmosphere, clean, transparent, open sound field, extending both ends of the excellent, high-quality but also sufficiently resistant to listen.




    With digital coaxial and digital optical output can be used independently as a digital turntable.

    Class A headphone amplifier comes with a large thrust can push and push good most directly HiFi headset.

    Menu selectable digital filter (filter out much higher than the audio frequency band noise) slow down and roll-off, provides two output sound style.

    (Slow down the sound more natural, more mellow vocals prominent; the higher the roll-off of the test parameters, better sound levels, but fresh)

    Menu selectable DSD signal is through a digital filter offers two DSD output sound style.

    (Without the advantages of the digital filter more SACD sound obvious delicate than the traditional CD, a better sense of music, but there is a better test parameters via the digital filter further instructions about DSD can browse:. Http: // www .qlshifi.com / bbs / dispbbs.asp? boardid = 2 & Id = 3855)

    Support DSD64,1bit DSD files and DSF DIFF direct broadcast, direct broadcast SACD ISO image file, direct hardware decoding (DSD package ISO can support, but DST compression package ISO is not supported).

    Supports WAV, FLAC, APE lossless formats and other mainstream MP3 lossy compression format (limited to single-chip speed, some highly compressed FLAC, APE support is not good, the other for sound reasons, we recommend that all compression formats are converted into WAV use).

    Support 24Bit / 192KHz high-bit-rate digital audio formats WAV and studio mastering WAV file playback.

    Player supports WAV / FLAC / APE and CUE file association, CUE supports ANSI, UNICODE, UTF-8 encoding.

    Support SD / SDHC / SDXC, maximum support 128GB SDXC card (future software upgrade can support larger capacity SD card).

    OSD supports Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English.

    Can be realized through the optional external expansion function infrared remote control, perhaps the future will also introduce wire or high frequency wireless remote control for purchase.


Design features


    SCM single-threaded application architecture, high real-time, ultra-low Jitter is sound with high-quality assurance.


     High precision and low Jitter three compensated crystal design, combined with unique digital signal transmission circuit, Jitter as low as unmeasurable.

     24Bit true digital audio processing core, supports up to 192K samples.

     CPLD + DAC hardware SACD / DSD decoding, closer to the soundtrack recording.

     QA360 looks like the world\'s first native support SACD ISO file direct reading hardware decoding of portable player.


  Carry out the sound of electricity as the mother of the design concept, the power part has been carefully designed. QA360 cost is ten times the power part of a lot of other machines. Although very expensive luxury, but to break the traditional portable audio player sound restrictions, have to do so is not.


     OPA + Class A headphone amplifier consisting of discrete transistors to make a very big sound driver with better sound control.


     The machine uses two 4 layer immersion gold board design to ensure complete integrity of the ground plane and digital high-frequency signals, while ensuring a low internal resistance power supply circuit.











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The man who designed this rocks! Whether you require a product of this variety this one OPERATES WELL!! credit me, I realize what I’m writing about. I have only had it for four days, but I have to come on here to praise: 2016 Newest QLS QA360 / QA360 MOD Portable High Resolution Lossless HiFi DSD Music Player Digital 24Bit/192 kHz MP3 Music Player is perfectly what is stated. The charge was perfect and shipment and backing was nice.

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OK, I'll discontinue rambling, but I just had to give this good product a small praise. I highly recommend!
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Experienced it for the first time two days ago and I truly appreciate it. This product is cool! No regrets at all, though I had a lot of questions before the purchase. Quite a nonpresumable luck after all previous sorrow :-)

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