Latching Rocker Switch Power Switch I/O 4 Pins With Light 16A 250VAC 20A 125VAC KCD4

Color: Black Blue Green Red Yellow
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Item Specifics

Switch Type:
Rocker Switch
Model Number:
Item Type:
Rated Voltage:
16A 250VAC / 20A 125VAC

Product Description


Poles:                            DPST
Terminals:                    4 Pins
Position:                       On-Off
Lamp Color:                 Red,Yellow ,Bule ,Green
Rated Voltage:             AC 16A 250V, AC 20A 125V
Overall Size:                 31 x 25 x 35mm / 1.2" x 1" x 1.4" (L*W*H)
Mounting Size:             27 x 21mm / 1.1" x 0.8" (L*W)
Package Content:         1x Rocker Switches













Expert Review

Review by: Bobby J.
Before my first experience with Latching Rocker Switch Power Switch I/O 4 Pins With Light 16A 250VAC 20A 125VAC KCD4, I had experienced all imaginable sorts of conformable ones.A week ago I stumbled upon this store and decided to give it a shot. In untested webstores I ordinarily initiate with investing marginal amounts – solely toverify and make a decision whether to keep on with the site or not. I’m not the one who loves problems particularly when it concerns monetary questions. I decided this deal was something I should invest in - and really – not much of a waste at that. I fairly never believed that the article like this could be a real stroke of luck, but I was quite mistaken. Who could imagine? OK, not me, really. whatever the case, it does to the letter what it promises to do, and it does it extremely well.

The conception of Latching Rocker Switch Power Switch I/O 4 Pins With Light 16A 250VAC 20A 125VAC KCD4 is so plain, and the cost so low that I was certain it wouldn't function. But it does to the letter what it is meant to do. perfectly worth the value. I've trialed tons of articles of the kind precedently,… I couldn't seek for a greater article. Kudos to the vendor!

It is in fact perfectly done. The style proves that aesthetic touch can make overwhelming alterity in the utilization of an item. I purchased this one after seeing the positive reviews and expected they were honest. They were. There are more than one pluses to this variant over the other ones I've trialed:
  • It looks great.
  • It is low-cost.
  • It’s a high quality article.
  • It fully meets its statement and doesn’t disturb.

If you are in the market for an article like this, I can't imagine picture you'll dig out one greater than this one.

No buyer's remorse; received the package at the proper time, total A+++ deal. Highly recommend!
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Good looks, attractive cost, best quality and implicit accordance to the descriptor. One of the greatest products of this variety I have ever ordered, no sorrow.

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